Donald Whytock on 1 Mar 2002 07:08:17 -0000

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spoon-business: The People Have Spoken

Replace in its entirety the proposal entitled _They're not just cute and furry and aerodynamic..._ with the following:

{{ _Watch Your Step!_

Append to the end of Rule 394 the following text:

"If a Player is playing Football, and is in possession of the Football, and enters a Grid location containing a MO, there is a 25% chance that Player will Trip and Fall.  If e falls, there is a 50% chance e will Fumble the Football, and a 20% chance e will Fumble another object in eir possession, randomly selected.  Fumbled objects will, if at all possible, move to a Grid location adjacent to the Player's location; said location will be selected using a roll on a 1dN, where N is the sum of the following weights, for those locations available to movement:

- the location in the same direction as the Player's attempted movement: 3

- each of the locations on either side of the above: 2

- each of the remaining locations: 1

for a total of 10 if all adjacent locations are available.  The possible die values will be allocated to the locations based on their weight."