Jonathan Van Matre on 26 Feb 2002 16:44:52 -0000

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spoon-business: The awarding of the Scarf

I was going to award the Scarf at the beginning of this nweek, but as the history is offline I can't review last nweek's proposals to make my decision.  But I don't want to retain it all nweek, so based on my memory of last nweek's proposals, and the few I still have archived in my e-mail, I'm awarding the Scarf to Rob for the beautifully succinct Default Case proposal.  "This rule defers to all other rules" was a particularly elegant touch.  Plus, Rob was deserving of some Style points for the Curshed Sushi proposal a few nweeks ago, which earned em the honor of being the first Style Police, but not the points to go with it.  So bravo, Rob!  Enjoy your second turn with the Scarf!

As for the awarding being late...the Admin hasn't penalized me for still having the Scarf yet, so maybe it can stay that way unless someone cares to CFJ em for failing to do so.  In which case I'll accept my lashes and that will be that.