Donald Whytock on 25 Feb 2002 08:32:58 -0000

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spoon-business: Steven Spielberg Presents...Gremlins

{{ _They're not just cute and furry and aerodynamic..._


DON'T get them wet!
DON'T feed them after midnight!
DON'T take them out into the sun!


Create a new rule:

{{ _Gremlin Multiplication_

If a Gremlin should become Wet (as opposed to already being Wet), or if a Gremlin is fed something (as explicitly permitted in the rules, and as opposed to the Gremlin eating something on its own) between the hours of 00:00:00 and 06:00:00 UTC, it will Multiply, causing an additional Gremlin of the same type as the first to be created in the same location as the first.  A Gremlin may not Multiply more than once per nday.

The name given to the new Gremlin shall be enumerated for uniqueness, e.g. the Second King Gremlin, the Fifth Witch Gremlin, the Eight Hundred and Seventy-Third Proposal Ingesting Gremlin, etc.  If a particular enumerated Gremlin is referred to by its alias, the enumeration must be included in the reference, e.g. Luigi the Twelfth.


Add the following paragraph to the end of r345:

"If more than one Luigi exists at the time a collection is to be made from a Player, the Luigi that makes the collection, and thus gets the points, is determined randomly by the Administrator.  A Player may make a payment to any Luigi."