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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (welcome back!)

Man, I almost missed this. Almost...

Anyway. Here's a whole bucket of stuff which can now be offically recognized.

Baron von Skippy's "I Have Found The Solution!" is 409/0.
"Another Way To Remove A Splinter" is 410/0.

Dan's "The Gremlin Factory" is 411/0.
"Bribes for the Gremlin Game" is 412/0.

Congenital Optimist has ruled on CFJs 369 and 388.

Baron von Skippy did not transfer ten points to anyone (for correcting eir
interpretation that "rule" is a two-syllable word) because I'm not gonna
be bothered to scour through all those email messages. (I claim that since
e failed to specify another legal owner of points, per rule 21/3, the
transfer failed.)

Rob's "Someday We'll All Look Back On This and Laugh Nervously" is 413/0.

Re: Bean's RFC on whether I'd intentionally try to alter the gamestate in
some sneaky way: Well, I don't think anyone has officially objected to my
statement that the gamestate is Blue... We'll see how things go from

Dan revised The Gremlin Factory (411/1).
(I didn't see any changes to the various Gremlin Bribery proposals in
there, so I didn't revise it. If I've erred, I'm sure someone will point
it out with remarkable quickness.)

Glotmorf's "Journey of a Thousand Words" is 414/0. And I'd advise Glotmorf
to lay off the drugs, because every time you drop one of those speedballs
you were obviously on when you wrote that, you're supporting terrorism.

There is still one open CFJ: 324. It was assigned to Baron von Skippy well
more than seven ndays ago, and e hasn't yet rendered an opinion. E is
penalized ten points (not that e has any...), and is added to the List of
Misbehaving Judges. Even though the point is completely and wholly moot at
this stage, I'm still obliged to reassign that CFJ to someone else - oh,
let's say Uncle Psychosis.

That should cover everything.

Oh, yeah, since I get one proposal a week, here it is:

__Hiding Really Means Hiding__

A Gremlin which is Hiding has no location. It is neither on the Grid, nor
in Limbo. A Gremlin which goes into Hiding for any reason is removed from
the Grid if it is on the Grid, and is removed from Limbo if it is in
Limbo. Such Gremlins may not be used in GremBall, and may not vote (if
another rule specifies that a Gremlin may vote, this rule takes precedence
over that one).

Newly-created Gremlins, and Gremlins which become Active, have a 50%
chance of entering Limbo, and a 50% chance of being placed on the Grid at
a random location determined by the Administrator, unless the starting
position of said Gremlin is defined elsewhere.


Recognized as 415/0.


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