David E. Smith on 13 Feb 2002 08:28:44 -0000

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spoon-business: nweek-transition stuff

Now, nweek-transition stuff.

I get to go through every player and recalculate Displacement (with the
new Manhattan metric) and Speed (zero for everyone, since it's based on
Displacement, which didn't exist prior to now-ish).

Since Displacement is now a simple addition, I'm tempted to just not do
anything with it at all. Would anyone object to it being removed from the
Roster page?

Antonio goes back on Forced Leave. (But e was technically Off Leave for a
couple ndays, which might matter at some point.)

I removed the useless attribute "Flaming" from Luigi. The joke has
probably run its course.

The Bandwidth Gremlin is still in Hiding.
The new Gremlin Number is 85.
The Immunity Idol is awarded to The Voice.

Turgul gets hit with Garbage Collection and is removed from the Roster.

Everyone's queued Grid moves fire off:
Rob moves NE to (5,3).
The Voice moves N to (6,5). E threw the PIG to Antonio when e was Off
Leave, but now e's On Leave and therefore not a legal target for the PIG.
Lacking a better idea, I decree that the PIG simply lands at Antonio's
location. (If the rules actually define this, lemme know.)

Bean moves N through multiple Frozen squares to (13,8). E left the
Bandwidth Gremlin behind, at (13,4).

Wonko moves SW through a Frozen square to (17,7).
Baron von Skippy moves S to (3,11).
Congenital Optimist moves E to (6,10).
Scoff! moves N to (16,14).

The Yeti moves a whole lot, leaving a trail of Wet (not Frozen) squares in
its wake:

NW to 18,11
SE to 17,10
NW to 16,11
E  to 17,11
NW to 16,12
W  to 15,12
W  to 14,12
N  to 14,13

They're Wet because they try to Freeze, but are immediately countered by
the Weather. All Wet squares are also Brooks, but I'm not gonna re-type
all twenty-four of them right now. (Also, right now, it doesn't actually
matter. "Water, Water Everywhere" states that "Wet" lasts 'til the end of
an nweek, but doesn't specify whether that applies to players or Grid
locations, or both.)

When Wet squares start to evaporate, they'll become Brooks at some point,
though I'm hoping that before that happens, someone will clean up the
whole Wet/Brook timing discrepancy. Otherwise, if it stays cold for a
while, it's possible that large chunks of The Grid could become Brooks

Unless that was the point. I dunno.

Curt and Rod become Active, and are placed at (1,8) and (20,20)

That should be it.


Enjoy the one-wweek downtime, everyone. Clear out your outstanding CFJs if
you've got 'em. (Under the not-yet-revised Rule 3, for this nweek only,
Judgements may be passed and enacted. That paragraph oughta be permanent,
IMO, but that's just me.) Ruminate on new and exciting ideas, whilst I
ruminate on new and exciting database schema.


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