Jonathan Van Matre on 12 Feb 2002 23:06:27 -0000

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spoon-business: Using the rest of my proposals for the nweek


__Let's Nip This In The Bud__

Add "Self-important use of Latin, especially in signature lines" to the LOGAS.

[[ For no other reason than that I'm feeling snarky today. ]]


__You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary__

Create a new rule:

__You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary__

"Color Commentator" is a Title.  The Title "Color Commentator" may not be held concurrently by more than two players.

At the beginning of each nweek, the Administrator will choose at random a player who is not playing Football to be the Color Commentator for the nweek.  The Color Commentator may also, at eir discretion, select a second player to be co-Color Commentator, in which case both players hold the title for the duration of the nweek.

While in possession of the Title "Color Commentator", it is a player's duty to provide interesting commentary on the Football game in play.  Comedic imitation of the dim-wittedness of actual American football commentators is encouraged.

A Color Commentator is exempt from GremBall while in possession of the "Color Commentator" Title.  This rule supersedes Rule 355.

At the end of the nweek, any player holding the "Color Commentator" Title surrenders the Title, and a new Color Commentator is chosen by the Administrator as described above.


__Fix The Haiku Bonus__

Place open- and close-comment markers at the beginning and end respectively of the first paragraph of rule 357.

Transfer from Scoff! to the Scoring Gremlin the same number of Score points earned by Scoff! for the passage of this proposal. 

[[No points for filling up holes I dug myself.]]

[[Might as well fix it whether it's broke or not, since I have the proposals left this nweek anyway.]]