David E. Smith on 10 Feb 2002 00:12:15 -0000

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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (last pre-ballot edition)

Dan submits a last-minute revision of 372 (372/1).

Glotmorf catches Luigi and tosses em towards Baron von Skippy. (For the
next day or two, I'm going to use the otherwise-unused square (1,1) to
record stuff in Limbo. It's clearly marked as "IN LIMBO". I'll try to have
something less ugly soon.

Baron von Skippy catches Luigi. Eir move is queued. E sets Luigi on fire -
there's not a rule against it, and it's darn funny - and lobs some
charbroiled GremlinBurgers towards the Yeti. (gritter's corpse also
catches flame enroute, covering the whole grid with the rather unpleasant
stench of charred flesh. (I've listed Luigi as "Flaming" because it amuses
me to do so.) Unless someone feels suicidal, I'm assuming Luigi completes
the trip unmolested.

I've added Baron von Skippy's full name to the Roster. Thanks for breaking
the table formatting. :-)

That should cover everything. New ballot forthcoming in mere moments.