Alex Truelsen on 9 Feb 2002 21:34:53 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Friday night/Saturday morning)

Baron von Skippy tries to forfeit, but can't, because e forgot to Sushi
eir action. (This means unless someone volunteers to take the Sushi away
from em, e's stuck with it for several weeks. This will, I suspect, make
life more pleasant for all of us.)

-Detail fact! To I in detail fact the hymn which is not sourly! That time, or purify in the side of your rule which is a glow thing. The von with move of the Skippy I dog as overproduction the i.e which it knows, the bow, you small game the forfeit. Is free to me and hour height ten:00 bedspreads which are!-


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