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spoon-business: Re: spoon-discuss: change what...

> > Garthing a Brook could be dropping a Big Rock into it to make a Big=
> >  Splash...
> > 
> > 						Glotmorf

All right then.  Create a rule as follows:

__Water, Water Everywhere__

There exist Passable Stationary Grid Objects called Brooks.  A 
Brook appears when a formerly Frozen grid square ceases to be 
Frozen.  [[I'm melting!  I'm melting!!]]

If a Player moves into a Brook, e gains the attribute Wet.

When a Big Rock is dropped into a Brook, e commits the act of
Garthing a Brook, and the Brook gains the attribute "Garthed".  
Each Player, Gremlin, or MO in the grid squares immediately
adjoining the Brook (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally)  
gains the attribute Wet.

The attribute of Wet lasts until the end of the nweek.


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