Alex Truelsen on 8 Feb 2002 17:43:57 -0000

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spoon-business: Make the hurting stop...

I go away for four days, and suddenly I'm even more in the dark about this game than I was before I left...

I return from leave.

I take the Cursed Sushi of Babel from Uncle Psychosis.

I give, if it is legal, -1 of my -2 Activity points to Wonko, and -1 of my -2 Activity points to The Voice.

I change my name to what it should always have been on the grounds that this name is SHORTER than 255 characters, so it's legal. That is, "Prince Superior of the RICV, Baron Skippy, Lord of Squirrels, Master of the State of Hallucinations, Minister of the ULC of Modesto, Calif., and Generator of Oddities and Entities."

I pause for a moment and twiddle my thumbs...

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