Jonathan Van Matre on 6 Feb 2002 17:44:58 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: Judicial Rear View

__Judicial Rear View__

[[Continuing the piece-by-piece approach to judicial reform, on the slate for this week is an appeal process.  Constructive input is welcome.]]

Create the following rule:

__Judicial Rear View__

At any time within 3 ndays following the posting of a Judgement on a CFJ, any player (or the Administrator, if the Administrator is not a player) may propose that the Judgement be overturned by posting an Appeal to Overturn in a public forum. 

An Appeal to Overturn is a special instance of a Proposal. If limitations on the number of proposals per player per nweek are in effect, Appeals to Overturn will not count against a player's proposal limit.  

All Appeals to Overturn must have the following one-sentence structure: "Player (name of player) Appeals to Overturn CFJ # (number of CFJ)", where the parenthesis-delimited fields are replaced by the applicable information.  No additional actions may be included in an Appeal to Overturn proposal.

Players may optionally include analysis in their Appeal to Overturn as Comments, using the standard delimiters for comments described in Rule 8. 

The Appeal to Overturn will be placed on the next available ballot as a Proposal.  If the Proposal is adopted, the Judgement on the CFJ is overturned.  The CFJ records will be updated to indicate the judgement was overturned, and if necessary, the game state is modified so that play can continue as if the CFJ was originally judged "Undecided".

No CFJ may be appealed more than once.