Dan on 6 Feb 2002 01:09:11 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: Judgement/Proposal overhaul

delete the first paragraph of rule 129

amend rule 30 by replacing the word "proposal" with "item"

replace the second to last paragraph of rule 128 with the following:
The Administrator shall, upon recipt of the judgement, distribute to all
players the Ballot of the CFJ.  This ballot shall list exactly one item:
"Accept the judgement of player xxx on CFJ yyy" where xxx is the name of
the judge and yyy is the number of the CFJ.

Voting on the CFJ ballot begins immediately upon distribution of the
ballot and ends 3 ndays later. At that time the Administrator shall count
the votes.  If more affirmitave votes than negative votes were cast on the
CFJ the judgement is approved and is enacted with the force of law.
Otherwise the judgement is declined and the Administrator shall select a
new judge in the way prescribed by the rules.

When a judgement on a CFJ is approved the Plaintiff and the Judge each
recieve 10 points.  When a judgement is declined the Plaintiff and the
Judge each lose 5 points.