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spoon-business: CFJ 338 - Judgement

CFJ 338 (Judge: Congenital Optimist)
CFJ by Scoff!

STATEMENT: The Administrator can not refuse to recognize any 
action posted to a public forum, except where such 
non-recognition is explicitly permitted by the rules. 

Scoff!'s analysis: It's not a rule, but it certainly should be.  
The alternative gives *way* too much power of discretion to the
Administrator. If eir least-favorite player posts a Grid move to
a square that has a Shiny thing, can e ignore the move to prevent
said player receiving points? This whole ignoring-an-action thing
sets up an unwelcome precedent.


Analysis: On the one hand, Scoff!'s argument has considerable 
weight; on the other hand, I think that the administrator should 
have *some* authority over the game.  I can't seem to find 
anything where the administrator's legal rights and 
responsibilities are spelled out (and if there are, please let me 
know).  I feel that this is not an issue that can be solved in a 
CFJ; it should be resolved in a proposal defining the Admin's 

For what it's worth, I think that even with the system of CFJs in 
place, we do need an administrator as a "measure of last resort" 
when something goes truly haywire.  But that's just my opinion.

-Congenital Optimist

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