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spoon-business: Proposal: A whole new ball of wax

Create a rule as follows:


__A Whole New Ball of Wax__

The Grid contains objects called Balls of Wax.  A new Ball of Wax
enters the Grid at the beginning of each nweek at a random
location determined by the admin.  The location is then made
public.  If a player's movement brings em into the same square as
a Ball of Wax, e may pick it up or leave it.

Once in possession of a Ball of Wax, the player may do one of 
the following things with it:

1) Throw it at another player.  If a Ball of Wax is thrown at a
player, the player must, as an action, catch the Ball of Wax
within two ndays of it being thrown, or, if e is in possession of
the big stick, must hit the ball with the big stick. If the
player does not or cannot catch the Ball of Wax, the Ball of Wax
hits the player, who then loses 1d3 score points to the player
that threw the Ball of Wax; the Ball of Wax then falls where the
player is standing.  If the player hits the Ball of Wax with the
big stick, the Ball of Wax falls in a random location.

2) Stuff the wax into eir ears as protection against the wiles of
the Sirens.  As long as the player has wax in eir ears, e gains
the attribute Deaf.  After escaping a Siren's ZOE or after 1
nweek, whichever comes first, e must remove the wax, which then
becomes a Ball of Earwax and gains the attribute Disgusting.  
Balls of Earwax may be thrown, but not used to stuff ears.  A
Ball of Earwax, when thrown at a player, cannot be caught.  It
explodes on impact, and the player who has been hit gains the
attribute Icky for 1d3 ndays.  If e hits the Ball of Earwax with 
the big stick, the Ball of Earwax explodes, but the bits fall 
harmlessly to the ground.


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