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spoon-business: CFJ 322 ruling

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:54:09 -0500, "Donald Whytock"
<dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Statement: It is illegal for me to kill the Witch Gremlin.
>Rationale: Rule 18 says that anything not regulated in the rules is permitted.  However, there are rules that discuss the creation and behavior patterns of Gremlins; hence, a Gremlin's existence is regulated.  Therefore, anything that affects the existence of a Gremlin, such as its murder, requires a specific rule permitting it.

Howdy, I hereby rule this CFJ: FALSE

My Analysis:
the plaintiff has presented rule 18 in his reasoning,
Rule 18/1:Permissibility of the Unprohibited

Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by the Rule set is permitted and
unregulated, with the sole exception of Rule Changes, which are permitted
only when a Rule or set of Rules explicitly or implicitly permits them. A
Rule Change consists of the creation (enactment), modification (amendment),
or deletion (repeal) of a rule.

As "killing" the entity known as "Witch Gremlin" is not a rule change, that
action falls under rule 18, so it is possible to kill the Witch Gremlin
with impunity.
(rule 18 is broken if you ask me)
Of course the true meaning of "killing" the Witch Gremlin is undefined at
the moment, so the effect of such an action on the game state is nebulous.
Just go on and try.

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