Dan on 4 Feb 2002 17:15:08 -0000

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spoon-business: Judgement on CFJ 340

Judgement on CFJ 340 by Bean
Judge: Dan
Defendant: Scoff

The Players Antonio, Baron von Skippy, Congenital Optimist, Dan,
Glotmorpf, Iain, Rob, The Voice, Uncle Psychosis, Wonko did not resign.

Ruling: TRUE

Judge's Analysis:
Rule 14/0 states "A Player may forfeit at any time by publicly declaring
eir intention to do so.  No restrictions may be placed on when a Player
may forfeit."  I am interpreting "resign" as equivalent to "forfeit" since
that is clearly what was intended by the CFJ.

The following are the attempted actions posted to the public forum by

Antonio forfeits B Nomic
Baron von Skippy forfeits B Nomic
Bean forfeits B Nomic
Congenital Optimist forfeits B Nomic
Dan  forfeits B Nomic
Glotmorf forfeits B Nomic
Iain forfeits B Nomic
Rob forfeits B Nomic
The Voice forfeits B Nomic
Turgul forfeits B Nomic
Uncle Psychosis forfeits B Nomic
Wonko forfeits B Nomic

Rule 14 regulates forfeiture and therefore it may not be done except
as allowed in the rules.

The Administrator never recognized the action, and I claim precedent to
game custom that actions ignored by the Administrator do not happen unless
a CFJ is made to correct the Administrator's error.

Finally I should point out that the nature of forfeiture is not
specified in the rules.  Therefore there is nothing to prevent a forfeited
player from being chosen as a Judge.

This Judgement asserts its own legitimacy.