Rob Speer on 19 Jun 2001 05:56:29 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: Really Fix the Showdown

\title{Really Fix the Showdown}
1. Change Rule 396/0 to the following:
Any player who has a Hand may make a Motion to Show Cards at any time as long
as no such Motion is already pending. A Motion to Show Cards is a Secondary
Approvable Motion which passes by being voted for by a majority of Players.
When a Motion to Show Cards passes, a Showdown occurs.

Additionally, if a transfer of Cards (such as by Dealing) causes one Player
to have ten or more PCards in eir Hand, e may declare a Showdown at any time,
without making a Motion to Show Cards. However, in the resulting Showdown, e
must show at least two PCards.

In the event of a Showdown, each Player who has a Hand can choose whether to
show eir cards. If e decides to show eir cards, e must post a message within
three days to a public forum, describing which PCards should be shown, and how
they should be arranged into Poker Hands. After three days have passed since
the Showdown was declared, a prize of a certain number of Points (as described
below) goes to the Player or Players with the highest total Score of Poker
Hands, and all PCards that were shown are returned to the Deck.

The Dealer may never show eir cards in a Showdown.

The Player who has the highest total Score of eir Poker Hand(s) is awarded a number of Points from the Bank equivalent to the total Score of eir Poker Hand(s). If there is a tie for the highest Score, that number of Points is given from the Bank and divided among the Player(s) involved in the tie.

2. In Rule 395/0, change each occurrence of "Player who has one or more PCards"
to "Player who has one or more PCards in eir Hand".

Rob Speer