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spoon-business: RFJ on the most recent ballot

I request an RFJ on this statement:

"The player known as Dave, as of one second past the end of nweek 26, owns
three Rules."

Plaintiff's analysis:

Proposal 471/1 transferred ownership of all Rules to the Bank. So, this
would seem to be a nice simple "FALSE" ruling, right?

But. (You knew that one was coming, didn't you.)

I cannot find any reference in the current Rules that defines the order or
timing of how Rules come into existence.

I posit that all passed proposals take effect simultaneously; therefore,
the three Rules which I would own as a result of Proposal 469/0 passing
are in fact mine, and not included in the effects of 471.

This also means that PurpleBob owns 1 rule and Joerg owns 12 or so rules
(I lost count somewhere in the middle of wading through P467/2), all per
Rule 326/0.

Since it affects that player so heavily, under Rule 236/1 I request that
Joerg NOT be assigned this RFJ.

Have a nice day.


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