Joel Uckelman on 14 Jun 2001 01:30:58 -0000

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spoon-business: mostly current now

Three new RFJs are now on the page that need Judges assigned to them. I 
believe Zagarna is the OSJ right now, so e needs to recognize them. If it 
turns out that I'm wrong and someone else is the OSJ, then, likewise, 
whoever that is needs to recognize them.

There are a bunch of active Proposals right now:

P466/0, Awards and Fines should be known before voting starts, Joerg
P467/1, Remove the debt system, Joerg
P468/0, Go moves fix, Joerg
P469/0, no title, Dave

The next voting period starts on 16 June, and I'm calling for a quorum vote 
just so we can establish how many people are still around.

Based on the current Rules, it's unclear to me whether PurpleBob's win 
cleared the Go board or not. Perhaps I'll ask for a Judgment on that.