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Re: spoon-business: RFJ 44

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Antonio wrote:
> >Statement: Poulenc has not offered any Go alliances to The Kid, Dave, or M'cachessilnath.
> >
> >Analysis: A Go player can make no more than one move per day (R365/0), and placing a stone is a move. Thus, Poulenc had already made a move when he attemped to make three other moves by offering an alliance to said players.
> obviously this belongs to the business list...
> Recognized as RFJ 44 and assigned to player Benjamin.

I rule TRUE

I don't really think this needs much explanation, but just to reiterate:
playing a stone and offering an alliance are distinct moves.
Players can only make one move per day.

relevant rules:

Rule 368/0 : Go Moves
For each move, a Go player must do one of the following:
1. Place a Stone. 2. Offer an alliance to an enemy. 3. Declare war on an

Rule 365/0 : Political Go
There exists a Contest called Political Go. The Go Consul is the
Contestmaster. The first Go Consul is Joel.
The Go Board is empty at the start of Political Go. Players become Go
players by making a Go move. Go players are unallied by default. Each Go
player may make no more than one Go move per Game day, and may never place
two Stones consecutively.

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