Jorg Rathlev on 5 Apr 2001 16:17:26 -0000

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RE: spoon-business: Go move

> I pay 4 points for a second stone this nweek which I put into play at p8.
> I don't think anyone here actually knows how to play political go.  But
> that's not going to keep me from it.  I propose an alliance with the Kid,
> and I also propose an alliance with Dave, and another with
> M'cachessilnath.

Sorry, you're not allowed to make more than one move per day.

So if you want to propose three alliances, that takes three days. Or, you have to ask the others to make an offer an than you can accept the offer (accepting an alliance does not seem to be a move, according to the rules).

I make the following RFJ:

Statement: Poulenc has not offered any Go alliances to The Kid, Dave, or M'cachessilnath.

Analysis: A Go player can make no more than one move per day (R365/0), and placing a stone is a move. Thus, Poulenc had already made a move when he attemped to make three other moves by offering an alliance to said players.