Joel Uckelman on 21 Jan 2001 22:52:16 -0000

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spoon-business: voting results, nweek 11

Sorry about the delay---voting ended while I was in Chicago...

P363/1 passed (4-1-0-6).
P375/1 failed (2-2-0-7).
P376/0 passed (3-2-0-6).
P377/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P378/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P379/0 passed (3-1-1-6).
P380/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P381/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P382/1 failed (1-3-1-6).
P383/0 failed (0-5-0-6).
P384/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P385/1 passed (4-1-0-6).
P386/0 passed (3-2-0-6).
P387/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P388/0 passed (4-1-0-6).
P389/0 failed (0-5-0-6).

I broke the munge when I made some changes last week, so individual voting 
info will be published after repairs are made...

Also, the following Motions are recognized:

11/0, Motion to Remove 4T2-Supreme Ruler of Everything
12/0, Motion to Trivially Amend Rule 314