Joel Uckelman on 16 Jan 2001 03:48:37 -0000

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spoon-business: Thugs, Dice, and Randomness

This is a new Proposal entitled "The Thug and Its Uses":

Create a new Rule entitled "The Thug and Its Uses", with the following text:

There exists an entity known as the Thug. The Thug may be used only by its 
employer, and only once per nweek, to reverse a single vote case by a 
Voter, such that "yes" vote becomes a "no" vote, and any other vote (or 
lack thereof) remains unchanged. To use the Thug, its employer shall, when 
casting eir Ballot, indicate at which Voter and Ballot Issue the Thug is 

Within a reasonable period following the conclusion of each voting period 
in which the Thug has been used, the Bean Counter shall randomly select the 
Thug's new employer from among those Players who voted during the previous 

This is a new Proposal entitled "Randomness and Dice":

Create a new Rule, numbered 9, entitled "Randomness and Dice", with the 
following text:

Whenever a Player is called upon to make a random determination, it shall 
be made among all the possible choices with equal probability, or as close 
to equal probability as is reasonably achievable.

The probabilities of a die falling on each of its faces are considered to 
be roughly equal for Game purposes, baring any tampering with or obvious 
deformities of the die.

Dice rolls may be specified in the form xdy, where x is the number of dice, 
and y is the number of faces on each die. Coins are considered to be 
two-sided dice. [[Examples: 3d6 is three six-sided dice, 1d20 is one 
twenty-sided die.]] A combination of dice or the mathematical manipulation 
of the results of a die may be substituted for a unavailable die so long as 
the same probability distribution is preserved. [[Example: the roll of a d6 
divided by 2 may be used instead of a d3.]]