Dan Waldron on 16 Jan 2001 01:44:21 -0000

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spoon-business: Contract

[[I need money so I am going to sell my soul for points.  If multiple
people are interested I can create more of these]]

I hereby create the following contract:

Activation condition: when signed by Poulenc and one agent, other agent,
referred to here as the Buyer.

The Buyer agrees to owe a debt of 15 points to Poulenc, and to specify a
proposal and a direction of vote for that proposal to Poulenc by the end
of the second-last day voting this nweek.

Poulenc aggrees that e will allow eir vote on the specified proposal this
nweek to be guided by the Buyer's specified direction.  If Poulenc is
required to vote in a particular way on that proposal by one or more other
contract simmilar to this one then e shall vote in the direction indicated
by the majority of contracts, or default to abstain in the case of a tie.


[[I think this has to be recognized by the OBC]]