Joel Uckelman on 22 Dec 2000 04:20:42 -0000

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spoon-business: P371 revision

I just finished putting up the pages for Motions. In doing so, I noticed that 
there were a few that have been around for a while, but can only pass by 
unanimous consent. Also, there's the Motion to Add Feyd as a Player which got 
lost in the end-of-semester craziness. (Sorry this is taking so long, Feyd!) 
So, I'm addressing these in a revised version of P371:

1. Amend R230/3 to read as follows: 

"An Agent introducing a Approvable Motion may request unanimous consent at the 
time of its introduction, or until such time as the granting of unanimous 
consent could still occur prior to the nweek's voting, unless the Rules 
explicitly prohibit it. N-unanimous consent on a Motion is granted if no 
eligible voters object to the Motion within time N after the Motion is 
recognized. Unanimous consent is considered to have been requested for any 
Approvable Motions which may be adopted only by unanimous consent."

2. Create a new Rule entitled "Motion Duplication" which reads: 

"The recognition by any Officer of any Motion which would have the same effect 
another live Motion is prohibited."

3. Motions 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0 are considered to have received unanimous consent 
as of the passage of this Proposal.