Dan Waldron on 7 Dec 2000 20:43:22 -0000

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spoon-business: Another Proposal (revised)

The following is a revised version of my proposal 365 entitled "The Price
of Nomic"

[[I know we already have a failed proposal fee but I thought it might be
kind of neat to do something like this.  With this proposal the Tax
Collector will have something useful to do, and there will be a kind of
balance of power between the Tax Collector, who is in charge of bank
revenue, and the Banker who is in charge of salaries and other expenses.
If anyone gets really dinged by this they can always apply for a loan]]

[[first revision, to take into account The Kid's suggestion that the fee
should be charged upon submission, not upon the creation of the ballot.  
I am also taking the opportunity to levy a smaller fee for revsions.]]

1. Enact a new rule entitled "The Price of Nomic" which reads as follows:

The submission fee and the revision fee are values associated with the
game; each may be changed only as specified by the rules.  Initially the
value of each is zero.

Once per week the Tax Collector may set the value of the submisison fee
and the revision fee, such that the value of the proposal submission fee
is neither greater than twenty nor less than zero, and the value of the
proposal revision fee is neither greater than five nor less than zero.

2. Amend rule 120 to read as follows:

The Agent who submits a Motion is its owner. An Agent may never own more
than ten live Motions of any one type, and may never submit more than ten
Motions of any one type in a single day; otherwise an Agent may make a new
Motion of any type at any time.  Upon the submission of a Motion its
owner owes one submission fee to the bank, due at the end of the next
voting period.

New Motions are live and active by default. Motions are revisable. Unless
the Rules allow other Agents to do so, only the owner of a live Motion may
alter its parts, or activate, deactivate, or withdraw it. Withdrawn
Motions are dead. Only live Motions may be altered or be Under
Consideration. No Motion may be altered while Under Consideration.  Upon
performing a revision, withdrawal, activation, or deactivation of a
Motion the revising agent owes one revision fee to the bank.

Each Motion is either Approvable or Unilateral, and Primary or
Secondary. Approvable Motions are subject to voting or unanimous consent,
as per the Rules. Unilateral Motions need no such approval to take effect.
Primary Motions are assigned serial numbers by type, while Secondary
Motions are assigned serial numbers as a group.