Joel Uckelman on 2 Dec 2000 02:30:12 -0000

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spoon-business: Paper-Rock-Scissors and conflict resolution

I make the following proposal, entitled "Paper-Rock-Scissors":

Create a rule entitled "Paper-Rock-Scissors" with the following text:

Paper-Rock-Scissors is a two-player Game. Each player shall, without the 
other's knowledge, select one of "paper", "rock", or "scissors", and submit 
eir choice to the referee. The referee shall determine a winner thusly:

1. Paper beats rock.
2. Rock beats scissors.
3. Scissors beats paper.

In the event that both players make the same selection, neither wins and 
Paper-Rock-Scissors must be repeated.

This isn't really complete--I still need to define Game, and maybe give 
some hint as to what to do with it...


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