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Re: [Thermo] RE: [Nomicmarket] Nomic Market beginning.

Craig wrote:

> >> >> OK, now that that's there (and while waiting for my message to show up
> >> >> in
> >> >> Thermo), I come to the market and convert all but one of my Coins into
> >> >> 1000
> >> >> BNS each. I'd better protect these puppies while I can.
> >> >
> >> >This post has been sent to both the market and B Nomic, as both an
> >> >example of the hazards of free trade, and a request for any ideas of
> >> >how B can fix its ruleset.
> >> >
> >> >The problem we have now is that if we legally recognize the Market,
> >> >we're violating our Bank rule - it stipulates that there exist exactly
> >> >5,000,000 BNS, but the Market stipulates that Craig's got 1000 more.
> >> >How do we reconcile this?
> >>
> >> 2000, actually, and I've since gotten another 1000. However, I think that
> >> protecting the stability of interaction is essential. Thus, if anyone
> sees
> >> this as dangerous, I will turn them back into three Coins.
> >I think it needs to be rewritten to have the banks in B Nomic and thermo
> >interact.
> I hereby turn my 3000 BNS into 3 Coins and bring them into Thermo.

First, these actions of your's haven't been legal within Thermo.  Rule 0.5 hadn't yet been
passed when you started these things.

Second, at no point *could* you have removed your coins from Thermo into the Market, or returned
hence with coins.  Even under Rule 0.5, the only Things that are allowed into the Market are

Third, and I think that this is the most fundamental of these details, There is no hazard *yet*
to B Nomic's Bank and BNS;  There are effectively four "Object Types" in question: (1)
Thermo::Coins, (2) Market::Coins,  (3) B-Nomic::BNS,  (4) Market::BNS.

Craig's actions are as follows:
1) Entering the market, without *any* ruleset powers from Thermo.
2) Conjuring 2 Market::Coins out of thin air
3) Converting these Coins into 2,000 Market::BNS
4) Conjuring an additional Market:Coin out of thin air
5) Converting that Coin into 1,000 Market::BNS
6) Converting his 3,000 Market:BNS into 3 Market::Coins
7) Attempting to bring these Coins into Thermo, which is against Thermo's Ruleset because it
would be a change to the gamestate which is NOT defined within the ruleset.

Thus, the concerns are really rather moot as Craig never had any B-Nomic:BNS, with which to
effect the B-NomicBank.  Also, Craig's actions, which were intended to safe-guard his Coins,
against a potentialls "dangerous" proposal within Thermo, were rather silly, because they had no
effect on his Thermo:Coins.

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