Craig on 1 May 2003 22:55:02 -0000

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RE: [Nomicmarket] Nomic Market beginning.

>> OK, now that that's there (and while waiting for my message to show up
>> in
>> Thermo), I come to the market and convert all but one of my Coins into
>> 1000
>> BNS each. I'd better protect these puppies while I can.

>This post has been sent to both the market and B Nomic, as both an
>example of the hazards of free trade, and a request for any ideas of
>how B can fix its ruleset.

>The problem we have now is that if we legally recognize the Market,
>we're violating our Bank rule - it stipulates that there exist exactly
>5,000,000 BNS, but the Market stipulates that Craig's got 1000 more.
>How do we reconcile this?

2000, actually, and I've since gotten another 1000. However, I think that
protecting the stability of interaction is essential. Thus, if anyone sees
this as dangerous, I will turn them back into three Coins.

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