Jon Stewart on Thu, 5 Aug 2004 16:38:33 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [hosers-talk] opie

> > That sux0rz. When I use another machine, it is almost always Windows with 
> > plentiful USB ports.
> I often have one of two situations:
> 1. The machine is locked down in such a way that the USB ports are turned 
> off.
> 2. The machine is sitting somewhere inaccessible.

Well, you could just use a static password for ssh instead of key 
exchange, and then add opie on top of it.

Also, I think if you have PAM installed, you could probably just use opie 
exclusively. Slackware doesn't ship with PAM support, so I'm unsure as to 
how it all works.

> Ok, so the dummy account adds convenience only? If using OTP all the time 
> doesn't bother me, then the simpler setup is, well, simpler?

That's pretty much my analysis. I guess there's some practical security 
from having the dummy account, but there really isn't any theoretical 
security. Since I'm setting up automatic rsyncs between martial and ovid, 
I want an automatic authentication system as well.

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