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Re: [hosers-talk] nmh question

> > 4. While looking for some mh documents I poked around Iowa State's comput
> ing
> > site. Good lord is it pitiful now. I can't tell if all of their real tech
> nica
> > l
> > information is still hiding somewhere or if it's all just stupid webmail
> > and desktop installation instructions now. I can't even tell if they stil
> l
> > allow shell access! What has the world come to?
> That's sad.

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It appears there's still a few Alpha machines out there, at 

So my roommate tells me there's a new David Foster Wallace book coming
out about George Cantor.  What's more, it's very mathematical logic-
intensive, perhaps even more so than the wildly inaccurate Infinite
Jest description of the Mean Value Theorem.  He's getting an advance
reviewer's copy, the bastard.
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