Josh on 15 Jul 2003 04:51:01 -0000

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Re: [hosers-talk] attachments are annoying

Joel Uckelman sez:
>1. forw -mime
>2. What now? mime
>3. What now? send


1. dist

Speaking of mail, Joel, is there anything special I have to do to
send and receive mail via POP (understanding that I am aware that
you are using APOP)? I took a whack at it last week in a pinch and
though my client seemed to be talking to charybdis, it would never
accept my password as correct.

Incidentally, Jon, 'mime' as a response to whatnow is good to remember -
if you know how to write the lines for mime part inclusion from inside
comp, 'mime' will fix your attachments up all proper like before you
use 'send' as usual.


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