Jon Stewart on 8 Feb 2002 15:48:48 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: i love fedex

> >geeks and impervious to design, but damn. It's bigger than it looks on 
> Speak for yourself.

(Jon notes that he's never been impervious to design, but was using 
rhetorical techniques to reach out to those who like to think they are.)

> >Going forward, the thing I'm most worried about is whether 1GB RAM will be 
> >enough. I'm at 512MB now, but I think it's likely I'll max it out in the 
> >next six months, as I use it as a server AND a development machine. 
> I have 16 megs of ram!

You're not doing Java development on a system with double-buffered 
windows described in PDF. Plus, I'm sure the hard drive sucks on this 
thing, so the more RAM, the better.

Btw, PDF files look fantastic. WYSIWYG.

Are you even using MacOS 8?

Jon Stewart

"and dropping a barbell, he points to the sky, saying 'the sun's not 
yellow, it's chicken.'"

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