Jon Stewart on 1 Feb 2002 14:17:02 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: read

> > No, supposedly it's not. But as the latest version requires linux 2.4.X, 
> > which is essentially beta...
> Just use FreeBSD with soft updates.  :)  Actually, I just read a pretty

I've discovered that no freely-available BSD -- not even NetBSD(!) -- will 
run on my old Mac. Only Linux. Ya' gotta' love broken OpenFirmware.

> extensive interview with this Reiser dude, and his eventual plan is to make i
> t
> into some sort of relational database-type scheme.  See BeOS or 
> the latest plans from msft.  Interesting shit.  If he _does_ manage to
> unify the namespace even more than Unix already does, I wonder if it
> will be an improvement.

That's what the posted article was about. It's more of a set-theoretic
approach, however, which is cool. You can do relational queries if you
want, and you can do keyword queries if you want, and it should still be
fast. I'd love to adapt nmh to such a file system.

Jon Stewart

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