Josh on 25 Jul 2001 02:36:09 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: now, replcomp

"Jon Stewart" sez:
>> The idea was this:
>> 1. I want to force my own reply-to header to make people send mail back
>> to the ellipsis address that I want.
>> 2. Things like majordomo depend on having reply-to set for mail to the list,
>> so that replies go back to the list with minimal effort.
>> 3. Having my own reply-to set by default obliterates majordomo's.
>> This was before I figured out just now that I could just set From headers
>> and most mailers would be happy.
>Now, wait, I don't get it. Let's say you're replying to a message that was 
>sent to a list. It's got its reply-to set to the list address, which is 
>what you want and you should be able to set your own reply-to. So you send 
>it off back to the list. Now, doesn't majordomo strip some fields, 
>including reply-to, and replace it with list-appropriate fields? I mean, 
>sure, I don't have reply-to set in my replcomps, but I do have it set in 
>components. So you're saying if I sent an email to a list using 
>components, replies to my message would override majordomo's prescribed 
>behavior and go directly back to me? I mean, isn't that the whole point of 
>majordomo, that the administrator has control over those options?

Hmm, I forgot to think of that. I didn't actually send any of my
messages to the list just now when testing out my forms. Just saw
the headers.

Just setting From still works though. ;)

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