Jon Stewart on 24 Jul 2001 21:18:09 -0000

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Hey Hosers -

I am having trouble with getting email in. I think much of this has to do 
with people replying to my emails instead of sending them to me 
virginally, as it were. By replying, they reply to 
"stew1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" instead of "stew1@xxxxxxxxxxx", and since 
nomic still seems fucked, their email gets lost.

Here's an obvious hack:


	From: "Your Mom" <yourmom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
	Reply-To: yourmom@xxxxxxxxxxx

In your components file. Copy it out of /etc/nmh and put it in your Mail 
directory if you haven't done so already.

Jon Stewart

"Survey says: it was a bad idea in the first place."

	-- The Dismemberment Plan