Jeff Schroeder on 22 Jul 2001 22:14:34 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: MySQL vs PostgreSQL vs Oracle 8i

At 05:11 PM 7/22/2001, you wrote:
Quoth Jon Stewart:
> > Mostly to learn, currently I want to set up something that will handle
> > logins without including them in /etc/passwd - for mail users for example.
> I think MySQL will do you just fine, for such an application.

Also, I run MySQL here on charybdis, and more than one of us has done some
development with it, so you know people who can perhaps answer questions
for you.

Maybe I'll start with this since currently I want to do a simple task. I don't really have much specific use for a database right now, I want to learn how to use one for my own future benefit. Oracle does indeed have good potential for high monetary earnings, though... :)