Jeff Schroeder on 19 Jul 2001 22:47:53 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: afs?

Is there a difference between the openAFS and the regular AFS? Let me know if you want the latter.


At 11:18 AM 7/19/2001, you wrote:
> Yep, sucks. Makes me want to throw myself into Lake Mendota. If ya want afs
> so bad, how about you find me directions for installing it? What you
> pointed me to last time turned out to be a licensing agreement.

p.s.  i wouldn't care except that i have afs at work, at home, and at
school; almost all my files are thus easily and securely accessible,
which is rather nice, and i'd like that not to go away when i move to
charybdis in place of good ol' isua.