Jeff Schroeder on 12 Jul 2001 03:45:57 -0000

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hosers-talk: Re: hosers-announce: new charybdis users lists

Mmm, is this so that everyone with an account on your computer can get ahold of everyone else on your computer?


At 04:58 PM 7/11/2001, you wrote:
The following two new lists have been set up on

hosers-announce: Any announcements pertaining to charybdis will be sent via
this list. All users charybdis users are subscribed.

hosers-talk: This list is for, but not necessarily limited to, the
discussion of the use of charybdis. No users are currently subscribed, but
may do so by sending a message with 'subscribe' in the body to

Both lists will be archived somewhere or other, I'm not sure where yet.

That is all.