Joel Uckelman on 11 Aug 2002 16:17:03 -0000

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[hosers-announce] planned outtage

On 15 August, Thursday of this week, I am moving to a new apartment, and
that means is moving with me. Unfortunately, this
means charybdis won't be on the net from whenever they shut off my phone
on Wednesday night until whenever they hook up my DSL again. I've been
assured that this will take no more than one week, but given the debacle
this was the last time I moved, and since I have no reason to believe that
the phone company will be significantly more competent this time around,
I can't say their assurances inspire much confidence.

That said, I hope to be back online as soon as possible, and regret any
inconvenience this might cause. That regret isn't quite enough to stop
me from moving to a nicer, cheaper apartment with a balcony and wood floors,
though. :)

Finally, a reminder: if you're having mail forwarded here, you'll probably
want to change that, so all your mail doesn't bounce.

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