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Re: [eia] what's our status ?

    During this lull, let me take the opportunity to advertise the new 
Empires in Arms computer game that was released recently by Matrix Games. 
JJ and I have been waiting for this game to be released for about 3 years, 
so we're excited to finally get our hands on it.  I haven't really had time 
to test it out yet, but here's what I can tell you.  It supports hotseat and 
PBEM games (but not LAN/network games).  It is a blend of Empires in Arms 
and the online variant "Empires in Harm".  You can play any country you like 
and set any number of countries to computer AI at three different levels of 
ability (Easy, Medium, Hard).  Unfortunately, it does not seem to have 
pop-up tutorials for new players.  So learning the interface might take a 
bit of trial-and-error plus thumbing through the bulky rulebook.
    JJ and I each paid $60 for it at Origins.  We were told that customers 
could order a physical copy or simply pay to download the game directly from 
their website.  I believe the website is (but if not, a 
Google search should come up with it pretty quickly).
    Again, I haven't really had time to playtest it, so I can't vouch for 
the quality of the game.  But since you're all veteran EIA players, I 
thought you might be interested in hearing about it.  (JJ and I have had our 
eyes on the game for a while, and even we didn't know it was available until 
we saw it at the convention.)



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> Thus spake "Mel Chin":
>> I think just Turkey
> I'll try to get my turn out before I leave for Chicago in the morning.
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