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[eia] French Force Disposition

As of  October

Amsterdam:  Holland corps at full strength with 3i factor garrison also in city
Breda: 1 Dutch infantry factor, 1 French militia factor
Namur: 1 French infantry Corps
Lille: 1 Dutch infantry factor
Le Havre: 1 Dutch infantry factor
Soissons: Soult, 2 French Infantry Corps, 1 French militia factor
Strasbourg: 1 French militia factor
Metz: 1 French Infantry Corps, 1 French militia factor
Paris: 2 French Infantry Corps
Orleans, Cherbourg, St. Malo, Brest, Lorient, Poitiers, Dijon, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Cologne: 1  militia factor
Bourges, La Rochelle: 1 French infantry factor
Marseilles: Davout, 2 French Infantry Corps, 4 militia factors
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