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Re: [eia] Turkish Land Phase, December 1806

Sounds good to me.

Bill Jaffe
Wargaming since Tactics (1958), and playing 18xx since 1829

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Depot creation: Ancona, $1

1I, Pechlivan Khan at Florence drops 1i -> Bologna, $2 from Mantua
1C, Kushanz Ali at Ancona -> Bologna, $2 from Mantua
1C SE of Naples -> Bologna, $2 from Mantua
1I E of Zurich -> Piacenza -> Bologna, $4 from Ancona
1C at Munich stands down
1I at Naples drops 1i -> Ancona, $1 from Ancona

Syria at Jaffa -> Jerusalem, 5-
1I at Jerusalem -> Jaffa, auto
1I at Cairo holds, auto

Total cost: $6 Turkish, $6 Austrian

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