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Re: [eia] French Land Phase

Since Turkey and Austria were Allied and combined move, why can't his
garrison cover the depot?

Bill Jaffe
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Mike, if my map is correct, there is an ungarrisonned Austrian depot at
Bologna.  What will be its fate ?


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> Depot Removal: All
> Depot Creation: Soissons ($1)
> Davout and 2corps move to Paris ($4)
> Eugene and the Holland corps move to Lille ($2)
> Soult and 1 corps move to Amsterdam (f/2)
> Massena and 1I pick up 1i and move to Bologna (f/2)
> Naples corps move to Bologna (f/1)
> 1I at Vienna holds (f/a)
> Napoleon, Murat and 1I move to Vienna (f/5)
> 3I move from Leopoldstadt to Vienna (f/4)
> 1I moves from Linz to Vienna (f/4)
> total cost: $7
> Lots of foraging and a few fights
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