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Re: [eia] Austrian Naval Phase, December, 1806

Austria's navy stays in port.

Bill Jaffe
Wargaming since Tactics (1958), and playing 18xx since 1829

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I've just realized that Britain moves after France this naval phase, so
assuming that Mike chooses not to intercept the Russian III fleet off
Toulon, I will just have them re-blockade Toulon for this month.

That just leaves the Austrian, Turkish, and British naval phases.  I'm
working on a map update for the start of the land phase.


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> I (w/ Swedish corps):  Malmo ---> Amsterdam/Hamburg
> II:  off Karlskrona ---> blockade Stettin
> Swedish:  Stockholm ---> Malmo
> III:  Toulon blockade ---> off Marseilles
> Does the French III fleet wish to attempt interception before my fleet
continues its move ?
> For the Motherland !
> -JJY
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