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[eia] Austrian move for November, 1806

When Blucher arrives in Leopoldstadt, the 2 Insurrection corps will appear
SE of Krakow

1 Inf Corps disappears when Charles slinks away at the end of the day.


Depots Removed: 

Depots created: Mantua, Bologna, $2


Cav corps, Bologna to Rome, $3 Bologna, breach role coming

Insurrection corps can't move the turn they are placed, but do they still
have unused MPs for foraging?

If so, the 2 corps SE of Krakow f/a 4+3 unused +1 home, -1 extra corps = 7

If not, create a depot at Krakow and pay $2 for supply

Linz forages on a 3, -2 for 10-14 factors, f/1-

Inf corps east of Pest to Ofen, pick up 1i, leaving 1i, f/a

Inf corps Mantua to Trieste, 4 area, +1 home, f/5-

Inf corps Mantua to Trieste, pay $0.5 depot Trieste

Prague city forages 4/-

Mack and 1 Inf Bologna to Mantua, f/a 

Charles and 4 Inf, 1 Cav to Trieste, 3 corps depot supply Trieste, $1.5, 2
corps Venice, $2


Paid $2 for Turkish

Austrian cost $9, total $11


Winter is coming up.



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