Joel Uckelman on Mon, 27 Feb 2006 16:58:59 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [eia] polical orders have been sent,again

Thus spake "James Helle":
> I had been sending my political orders to this address
> (escrow+113450024011837074834156@xxxxxxxxx) since I do not have an escrow
> email.  I believe this was sent by Joel to Bill for him to send his orders
> to.

Sigh. The user always find some way of making the software fail, no matter
how hard I try. :)

The part of the address following the '+' is a unique id so that the
escrow agent can determine who the sender is and to prevent users from
interfering with one another's replies. I'm not sure that I've ever told
anyone about that, so not really your fault.

Anyway, Jim overwrote Bill's reply, so I need Bill to reply again.

I'll dump in Jim's reply by hand.

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