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[eia] [escrow] May 1805 Declarations of War

The escrow agent at has received all requested replies in this
matter, and has released them.

Escrow opened: Tue 13 Dec 2005 12:56:32
Escrow closed: Mon 20 Feb 2006 09:41:53


From: austria@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon 20 Feb 2006 09:41:53

Austria declares war on Bavaria.

Bill Jaffe
Playing Wargames since 1958, and 18xx since 1829...

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From: uckelman@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:uckelman@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Joel
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 9:18 AM
To: austria@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: May DoWs 

The way that we handle anything which needs to be revealed simultaneously
is through an email escrow which I wrote and host at

Usually, you'd get an email from the escrow agent requesting your reply,
but for the May DoWs Fred got the request email, so you have nothing
to reply to.

For the DoW and Political escrows for May, you should send an email with
your orders to the following addresses:

DoW:  escrow+113450019111764064980226@xxxxxxxxx
Political:  escrow+113450024011837074834156@xxxxxxxxx

A long time ago we found that doing the whole Political Phase asynchronously

caused us to take ages in order to resolve Political Phases which were
wholly trivial, so we decided to send the other political phase orders
blind as well, after seeing how the DoWs went.


From: britain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat 17 Dec 2005 12:09:06

Great Britain makes no declarations of war.

From: france@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 16:05:39

France chooses to be friendly this month and declares no wars

From: prussia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat 17 Dec 2005 05:10:53

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"
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Prussia declares no new wars
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<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=US-ASCII">
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2900.2802" name=GENERATOR></HEAD>
<BODY id=role_body style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: Arial" 
bottomMargin=7 leftMargin=7 topMargin=7 rightMargin=7><FONT id=role_document 
face=Arial color=#000000 size=2>
<DIV>Prussia declares no new wars</DIV></FONT></BODY></HTML>

From: russia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 15:35:04

Russia makes no new declarations of war. 

From: spain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 17:43:21


No new declarations of war.


From: turkey@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 12:57:37



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