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Re: [eia] April Austria move - not sure if this went through

For future reference, we usually send our moves written out in a form like

2 I corps (w/ Bagration):  Abo ---> Sveaborg (drop 2 I garrison) ---> 1
space W of Viborg (insert $cost or forage roll here)

It's easier for others to cross-check written orders like this than to look
back and forth between before-and-after maps.  I'm sure you'll get the hang
of it quickly.


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2 Mil show up on the map, Koniggratz, and Kronstandt. We're having a 'k'
kind of April. We spent 59 of 91, leaving 32 for operations.

We remove a few depots, and add depots in Linz and Temesvar.

Maintenance cost, +2 for new depots, 1.5 for Linz corps, .5 for the INF
corps in Temesvar. Total spend is 2+2 = 4, remaining in treasury is 28.

My move is attached for April, we also declare Venetia free.
I think I have sent communiqués to everyone except Spain, and that will be
soon, I believe...

Bill Jaffe
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