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RE: [eia] introduction

Hi William.  My name is Jim Helle (aka Great Britain).  I'm 37, married with
two boys (7 and 10), and have been playing RPGs and war games off and on
since I was about 14.  I live in Newark, Ohio (about 30 miles east of
Columbus) and have known both J.J. and Kyle for about six years.  I decided
college wasn't for me and joined the U.S. Army directly after graduation.  I
am currently employed as a professional driver for J.B. Hunt Transport.

Regarding the current game, my vote is to start over.  I say this despite my
fear that others will think I'm just bailing on a desperate situation.  This
isn't the case.  Austria made no attempts to engage in any diplomacy in the
beginning of our current game.  This wasn't a strategic decision, he just
didn't know what to do and therefore did nothing.

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Thus spake jjy@xxxxxxxxxxx:
> My name is J.J. Young, and I'm an almost-34 year old high school physics
> teacher living in Columbus, Ohio.  My wife is also a science teacher.  I
> d
> in the same dorm for four years at Bowling Green State U. with Kyle and
> which is when we started gaming together.  I've been involved in several
> games, but never one that went more than 3 game years.  I've mostly played
> Great Britain in the past, but I'm the Russian player in the current game.
> I have a slight preference for starting over, since we aren't very far
> the current game, and Austria was unusually inactive up to now.  But I'm
> y to go with the majority.  Good to meet you !

I'll keep a tally of people's preferences, - for 'start over', +
for continue, 0 for neutral:

JJ:      -
Joel:    0

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